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You never walk alone Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The other side of the border.
Ayko’s POV.
The excitement level in Konoha had dropped to zero lately. Every person, be it civilian or shinobi, seemed to have fallen in a slumber of daily boredom. Ayko in particular hated everything about this. She for one needed everyday distraction or she would simply lose patience and go on rampage. No one attempted to get near her at these times, except for Doitei and Kyo. That’s why all three of them were strolling down Konoha streets; just to keep the Myoka Heiress preoccupied. Off course in only a matter of time did they pick up rumours of how Naruto’s team had failed at confiscating the Sanbi. As the story told Akatsuki got away with the bijuu and Orochimaru’s plans for creating another jinchuriki were stopped too. So the mission wasn’t an entire failure. Ayko started sulking; while the other teams were having fun going on missions, she and the boys were condemned to absolute boredom. She, so caught up in
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You never walk alone Ch 2/3
Chapter 2: The clan's pride at stake - Morinaka vs. Myoka.
Ayane's POV.
"Hey! Ayane was it, right?" Ayko called out to her. "I can tell you're strong by the way you battle me, but don't you think we've been playing around for a bit too long? If it was up to me I'd like you to go full-out on me; I know you're a genjutsu-user. So why don't you show me that technique of yours?" Ayane got confused by her provocation. Even though she said it in front of the entire arena and she looked confident, it didn't make sense. 'She could've used this moment to land a surprise attack on me, but she didn't... Is she really that confident?' Ayane thought.
Ayane quickly tried to come up with a technique to crush the Myoka's confidence, but she wasn't planning on using her genjutsu yet. She now knew that's the jutsu she was waiting for and even if she's not familiar with it, she seemed confident enough to be able to dispel it. This only caused Ayane to feel her confidence drop to zero and her panic level
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You Never Walk Alone - Ch. 2/2
Chapter 2: The clan's pride at stake - Morinaka vs. Myoka.
Ayane’s POV.
Ayko immediately created an Earth clone and came at her with full speed. Even thought their previous attacks had been exhausting,  it seemed the Myoka still had enough stamina left. When suddenly Ayko formed signs and used Fire Needles, Ayane lost her focus on the real Myoka and couldn’t avoid getting hit by the katana. She felt how the cold and sharp steel carved into her leg and tried to ignore the pain. The entire arena gasped and looked at the two kunoichi’s.
The Myoka didn’t waste a moment to attack her a second time, but this time Ayane was able to avoid another hit and managed to throw her kunai to take care of the clone. Ayko was obviously surprised by this action, and so was Ayane. But this gave her some time to think of a good counter attack. Judging the previous attack, she knew Ayko wasn’t a skilled Earth Release user, which made her a bit more confident. She would onl
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Ayko and Hinata The genindays by AykoMyoka Ayko and Hinata The genindays :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 0 0
KGD: HSF Chapter 6
Chp 6: Aftermath.
The room felt chilly; the temperature seemed to have dropped below zero. Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha were sitting there in their parents couch looking anywhere but at their mothers infuriated face. Fugaku, who wasn't part of the lecture, went to the kitchen to make some tea.
"Uchiha Itachi and Sasuke! WHAT IN HELLS NAME HAPPENED TO MY FURNITURE?!" Mikoto suddenly exploded, making the brother's losing all spirit.
"Well, you see.. It was Sasuke-" Itachi started.
"Itachi, you know better then to blame it all on your little brother!" Mikoto ranted, not even letting Itachi finish his sentence.
'Ugh, so now Sasuke's a Saint?! Give me a break, Okaasan O_o You have no idea what he's really like when you're gone?! *secretive glare directed at Sasuke* *Sasuke returning the glare with a smug grin* Be patient, Itachi, one day.. One day it'll all be worth it!' Itachi reflected in his mind before retorting.
"I wasn't blaming anyone, but if you want a scapegoat then-" Itachi started ca
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KGD : HSF Chapter 5
Chp 5: Faceoff in bitchstyle.
"Anyone nervous?" Ino informed turning around in the front passengerseat from Sai's car; a mischiveous smile plastered on her lips. Ayko and Sakura, who were in the back, looked at the blonde with wide grins.
"I wouldn't call it nervous, but I'm sure excited." Ayko stated while staring outside from the car's window. "But Sakura is!"
"Am not!" the pinkette protested loudly, earning deadpanned looks from both Ino and Ayko. "Well uhm.. Maybe a little.." Sai, the one driving, glanced the two girls in the backseat and then eyed Ino. They all put an effort in their outfits, while he wore simple jeans and a  white shirt with a jacket. He felt like he wasn't dressed for a party at all, but Ino had assured him that most guys would go in simple outfits. Ino on the other hand had accustomed her entire outfit to the colour purple; purple pumps, purple split-dress, eyeshadow,... Sakura wore a pink tanktop with a red halfcut jacket and a jeans skirt reaching above
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Ayko Kishimoto-style.. by AykoMyoka Ayko Kishimoto-style.. :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 3 4
Happy Birthday, Whiskers..
1. Once a baka always a baka.
It was a chilly morning when the Myoka heiress opened her eyes  and  stared off at the condensed window. It reminded her how bad the weather had gone after they reached the fall season. She felt depressed just thinking about the change of seasons; the change of life and how things used to be.. Just one more day and then.. Time to finish her thoughts was not on her hand, before she could react instinctively her bedroom door flew open with the force of a Juuken. Hinata Hyuuga's Juuken to be precise. Ayko sweatdropped when she saw her door neatly placed on the floor by her best friend as she wore a confident look on her face. That alone was very un-Hinata-like.
"Okay, Hina-chan.. I'm guessing something's wrong?" Ayko informed trying to stretch her sleep out of her worn-out body.
"Why are you still in bed? Didn't we agree on buying gifts today?" Hinata's adorable face predicted stormy weather. When Ayko didn't immediately relpy she dragged
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You never walk alone Chp 2/1
Chapter 2: The clan's pride at stake - Morinaka vs. Myoka.
Two years earlier, chuunin-exams final rounds, Konoha.
Ayko's POV.
There was a strange aura in the air as the crammed fighting arena exploded with shouts and murmurs coming from the crowd. Only 15 minutes away from the first battle; the one battle that had many people glued to their seats. Ayane Morinaka vs. Ayko Myoka. While some latecomers hurried to find some seats, a few rows higher Mazuiko Myoka, Kami Myoka and Kaito Noraishi were enjoying the cheers from the bustling spectators. Mazuiko, her calm usual self, took in a shaky breath while she searched for her daughter between the participants of the Chuunin-exam. She found her showing of a confident grin as she swept her hair back that was held in a ponytail.
"I'm not comfortable with the situation, Kaito. This could end up wrong.." Mazuiko spoke up with concern tainting her voice. Said Kaito, or also known as her husband, coughed before he gave her his reply.
"Be a little
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Myself going Lolita by AykoMyoka Myself going Lolita :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 0 5
You got Troll'd
You got troll'd.
Spots switch on from inside the grant studio and are all directed to none other than the host of the program; Mr H. Ost. The crowd goes crazy because Mr. Ost does his trademark opening-move like he always does; a backflip from one of the stairs he was descending from. As he makes his way over to the main-stage he shows off his wide grin before staring right in the camera.
"Good evening everyone! And welcome to "Troll'd". Your weekly update on Trolls from all over the world and a chance for debate. I know, for one, that this weeks edition will leave us all mesmerised and speechless. And that's because none other then Masashi Kishimoto is joining us today! Give him a wild aplause everyone!" Mr Ost yells anouncing Kishimoto as he enters the stage. Kishimoto waves at the public and has a seat in the red couch next to Mr Ost's seat.
"Welcome Masashi, it's wonderful to actually have you here. How have you been lately?" Mr Ost smiles amused as Kishimoto grins back.
"Good, goo
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KGD: HSF Chapter 4
Chp 4: All that what makes us stand out.
A mirror and in the reflection a girl with silky black hair was shown; only something seemed off. Her hair was in a turmoil and uneven in most places, almost as if a someone inexpirienced had given her a haircut. Her tired brown eyes stared back at herself as she tried to collect her thoughts on how she ended up like this. Her lip was split and she had a bruise under her right eye; through it all she could still laugh at her situation.
"It isn't funny, you know!" a sharp female voice shrieked from behind her. That voice belonged to none other then Ino Yamanaka; she couldn't understand how her friend was still this calm. Ino helplessly searched for Sakura's form in the darkness of the badly lid bedroom they were in. Sakura only sighed to state her presence, but even she had no idea how to respond to this. Ayko afterall was known for her stubborness and today seemed to make it stand out even more. The Myoka Heiress turned to face both of her frien
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OC Torii Mawiru by AykoMyoka OC Torii Mawiru :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 0 0 OC Kyo Ryotso by AykoMyoka OC Kyo Ryotso :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 0 0 OC Doitei Wasuki by AykoMyoka OC Doitei Wasuki :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 1 2 OC Kami Myoka by AykoMyoka OC Kami Myoka :iconaykomyoka:AykoMyoka 0 4


Harry potter Anime style by KyoTakashi Harry potter Anime style :iconkyotakashi:KyoTakashi 196 45 [Sasusaku] Okaerinasai by i-Shinnie [Sasusaku] Okaerinasai :iconi-shinnie:i-Shinnie 99 6 Naruto Gaiden: Absentee Dads by witchofoz93 Naruto Gaiden: Absentee Dads :iconwitchofoz93:witchofoz93 46 14 Fandumb #50: Troll Face by Neodusk Fandumb #50: Troll Face :iconneodusk:Neodusk 982 100 Naruhina - be mine by Dinkelsmoothi Naruhina - be mine :icondinkelsmoothi:Dinkelsmoothi 117 40 Periods by iKushina Periods :iconikushina:iKushina 17 19 I love my Family by oOoNaruto-chanoOo I love my Family :iconooonaruto-chanooo:oOoNaruto-chanoOo 128 13 NaruSasu douji Pg 92 PhotoShoot by Cassy-F-E NaruSasu douji Pg 92 PhotoShoot :iconcassy-f-e:Cassy-F-E 272 160 Maya Natsume (umbrella) by ReiRaven Maya Natsume (umbrella) :iconreiraven:ReiRaven 30 0 Boogieman under my bed! by Oriental-Lady Boogieman under my bed! :iconoriental-lady:Oriental-Lady 524 55 AT Doujin: Chapter05-Page16 by Diasu AT Doujin: Chapter05-Page16 :icondiasu:Diasu 81 48 Minato's face by iKushina Minato's face :iconikushina:iKushina 175 44 Hot Hinata Chapter 2 Page 12 by Sweetcheeks12354
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Hot Hinata Chapter 2 Page 12 :iconsweetcheeks12354:Sweetcheeks12354 10 8
Myoka clan logo by Nitaya Myoka clan logo :iconnitaya:Nitaya 1 2


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Oi peoples ^^

I guess it's been awhile since I last posted something here, but then again I had a lot going on in my personal life. Quitting school to name one thing.. But okay, at first I was frustrated with this myself and I'm finally excepting that maybe nurse-school wasn't exactly my thing. Or maybe I'm just not ready yet; I haven't figured it out. Let's just say that for now I'm satisfied if I'm able to get a job as a caretaker at a retirement home (not sure if that's the right translation for it, though.. ^^,). I've taken some peace with this situation I'm in right now and I can only hope that I'll be able to keep chasing my dream: to become a writer ^^ Seeing that I'm still on hold before I'm able to take a job-offer, I'll have plenty of time to work on my stories at this moment. So I guess you won't have to wait too long for the next chapter which is a good thing XD Hahaha.

Let's hope I'll be able to find some peace of mind with the time I'm remaining with for now =D I'm feeling positive that this might not be all that bad and that I'll pull through. My family and friends are supportive of my decision and are doing a lot to help out. I've already aplicated at 4 workplaces and I'm still awaiting their answers. Wish me luck everyone ^^

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